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Don’t Wait For Gok To Tell You Summer Fashion Is In

Don’t Wait For Gok To Tell You Summer Fashion Is In

Are you one of those women who’s still walking the streets in jeans and jumpers even though it’s 30°C outside? Do you wish that you could rock barely there shorts and teeny tiny vest tops but you’re having trouble mustering up the confidence? Well, the time has finally come to blow away all of those winter cobwebs and make a change, say the experts at Cosmopolitan magazine. It doesn’t matter how wobbly you imagine your thighs are or how big you think your bum is – you’re a beautiful person and there’s nothing standing in the way of summer fun but your own paranoia.

Take a leaf out of Kelly Brook’s book and embrace your curves. The lingerie model and actress was recently forced to defend her bountiful figure after Apprentice star Katie Hopkins branded her a ‘chubster.’ If Kelly Brooke is a chubster – god help the rest of us. It just goes to show that even the most famous women in the country are subjected to unfair body pressures. The only real answer is to throw off that Winter sweater, throw on those teeny tiny shorts and learn to rock whatever look it is you want. Don’t wait for Gok Wan to tell you that summer fashion is in. Trust your instincts, strut your stuff and believe in yourself.
Here are some handy tips and tricks that you can use to feel body confident this summer.
Know Your Figure
80% of looking good is knowing how to dress to flatter your figure. Use this superb guide from to find out what type of body you have and what kinds of clothes will fit you best. For example, pear shaped women who have small breasts but heavy thighs, suit low slung tunic tops, fluted skirts and seamed pants.
 Whilst women with hourglass curves should stick to pencil skirts, boot cut jeans and simple, solid shapes that accentuate the voluptuousness of their figure, rather than fight it. If you know how to dress for your shape, you’ll always look good – it’s a fact.
Rock Your Favourite Pieces 
Everybody’s got a designer dress or a pair of pants in their wardrobe that makes them feel invincible. Don’t be afraid to dig out that one perfect outfit whenever you need a big confidence boost. If you’re going for a drink with new friends, meeting a new man for a first date or you simply want to feel good about yourself – throw on that killer outfit that you know you look fantastic in and watch those heads turn.
Keep It Lightweight 
You don’t have to walk the streets in skin tight T-shirts or vest tops if you don’t feel completely confident in them, but neither should you feel like you have to stick to loose or baggy clothing. In fact, the baggier a T-shirt or a pair of jeans happens to be – the bigger and stockier it will make you look.
Don’t fall for the myth that hiding curves in swathes of dark fabric will make them look better because it’s not true, says journalist Kyle Grindley. You’ll only succeed in making that beautiful body of yours appear overly thick and square shaped.
Wear Vertical Stripes
It makes perfect sense to think that horizontal stripes will make you look wider than you really are, and vertical stripes will make you look longer and leaner. If you struggle with body confidence, this is a very easy and simple way to subtly alter your shape. Black is another great way to lengthen your torso, so why not invest in a top quality black and white striped designer dress?
There are hundreds of superb examples on the market right now and they happen to be very popular with celebrities too. If you dare, go for something tight and figure hugging. YOLO!

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CJ has been a personal shopper for five years. She advises women on what type of clothes will suit their figures. For a great range of top quality designer dresses she  recommends Choice Store.