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Foods That Support A Healthy Detox for your skin

Foods That Support A Healthy Detox for your skin
Any woman who says that she does not care about the way she looks or read that beauty and fashion magazine, is a blatant liar. Take it from us, if you are born female- looking gorgeous or atleast yearning for it, is a part of your identity. With the current level of pollution and the lifestyle that women in metros are addicted to, the skin is the worst sufferer of all. And not all can be hidden with make-up. Apart from the regular cleansing-toning and moisturizing routine it is extremely important to detoxify your skin, and not always chemically. Getting that 8 hours mandatory sleep in the night and consuming 2 litres of water everyday works wonders when it comes to detoxifying your skin cells. Further eating healthy can also work as an added bonus. So if anti-aging creams is not your pick, here we suggest you certain foods which must form a part of your diet for atleast 3 times every week for their wonderful detoxifying functions.
The green leafy vegetable
Yes, we are talking about cabbages. Though a lot of people may complain on the availability or otherwise on the level of gas generation owing to cabbage consumption, we think otherwise. Cabbage contains a combination of anti-aging Vitamins namely Vitamin E, C and A which helps you in getting rid of those ugly crow’s feet in the eye area as well of any form of skin allergies or inflammations. Not only that it helps cutting down on your cholesterol levels and prevents those fine lines from appearing in the first place.
The Juicy Beet
Beets owing to their rich content of Iron and anti-oxidant are chicken soup for the liver and lymphatic tissues. Acting as a natural colon cleanser they aid in flushing out toxic materials from the body and essentially increases the blood circulation to the capillaries of the eyes. Consequently consumption of beet not only helps in illuminating the eye area but also makes the whites of the eyes much brighter, therefore giving you that dewy and fresh look. So slice it into that soup or have it fresh, but this should be a compulsory component in your diet.
Garlic and Ginger
Both these underground stems should form an essential part of your regular diet, not only on ground of their nutritional quotient but also for their contribution to your taste buds. Indeed both of these vegetables can make any bland food tasty within minutes. Garlic helps in strengthening your immune system and also acts as comfort food for your liver. Ginger on the contrary contains astringent properties and helps reducing the ills of fatty liver or excess toxic oil consumption. Needless to say, a health stomach would ensure a healthy skin.
Citrus Fruits
While talking about healthy skin with perfect glow, the citrus fruits cannot be far behind. They can be anything from tomatoes to lemons to even oranges. The Vitamin C in Citrus Fruits imbibes anti-aging properties not only helps in combating health issues of scurvy and eczema, but also prevents cellulites from being visible by helping repair skin collagen. Try consuming atleast one citrus fruit in the morning, and the radiance of skin lightening would be visible within a maximum of 3 days.
We understand your daily schedule and the negligible amount of time you might have for yourself, but remember only when a women is healthy can she excel in all spheres of her life. Thus, when health comes with additional beauty benefits, well you must grab it.
About the Author:
The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession associated with who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.