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Vendor Terms and Conditions

  1. Style & Image Network (SIN) will sponsor, promote, market and manage a consumer-focused lifestyle women event
    (“Event”) that will feature merchandise offered for sale by  multiple Vendors and /or organizations.
  2. The applicable application fee must accompany each application. Check must be payable to Style & Image Network. In the
    event that Vendor fails to make timely payment, vendor will be responsible for paying a 1.5% late fee per month plus
    reasonable expenses (including any attorney’s fees incurred by Style & Image Network) incurred by Style & Image Network in
    collecting such amounts. If a Vendor withdraws, for any reasons, its application before receipt by it of a rejection of its
    application or after its application has been approved, the application fee paid will be forfeited.
  3. Style & Image Network reserved the right to change the date event to other date (including but not limiting to postponing
    to later date) as SIN deems fit, or cancel, alter in character or modes, reduce in scale, shorten, or extend the duration of
    the event at anytime without incurring any liability whatsoever to the vendor due to circumstance beyond SIN’s control
    including but not limited to acts of God, war, health concerns, or other health treats, fear of terrorist attack, riots,
    demonstrations, travel restrictions, curfew, epidemic, embargo, civil unrest, legal proceedings, Industrial dispute of
    whatever nature, government regulations, the refusal of permits, concerts, or licenses, major disruption of transport
    system, system malfunction, or failure of telecommunications or other electronic communications that make it in the
    opinion of Style & Image Network impossible or impractical or undesirable to for SIN to hold the event as initially
    planned. The vendor shall have no claim against SIN or its agents or representatives, whether for loss or damage, or return
    of all or part of any money paid by the vendor in respect of any postponement, cancellation, alteration, reduction,
    shortening or extension made in accordance with this provision.
  4. Style & Image Network reserved the right to cancel the vendor should the participation of the vendor be less than 60%.
    The application fee will be fully (100%) refunded to vendors.
  5. Vendor shall be responsible for arranging for any person el and/ or furnishing any equipment, including without
    limitation inventory and supplies, necessary to the operation of the space. All materials, including without limitation any
    merchandise, props, banners and storage or other containers, must fit within the dimension of the space and be
    freestanding. There is absolutely NO affixing of anything to the walls, ceiling, or floor with nails, tape, or any other
    substance. In the event that this is done without authorization and damage results, the cost or repair or replacement will
    be billed to the Vendor. No equipment or furniture shall be removed by the vendor at any given time.
  6. Vendor shall be checked-in and occupying the space no earlier than 3:00pm and no later than 3:30pm on day of event;
    Vendor MUST be completely set up and occupying space by 4:30pm on day of event to avoid $50 in penalty fees. Vendor
    shall remain in operation for the entire scheduled time of the event from 5:00pm to 10:00pm on day of event.
  7. Vendor shall sell or promote only such merchandise as has been pre-approved by Style & Image Network.
  8. Vendor shall keep space in a clean and proper condition. Vendor is responsible for cleaning the space after the event and
    disposing of any refuse. Vendor acknowledges that any unacceptable activity in the space can result in automatic
    termination of this contract and expulsion from the event, with no refund of booth fee, at the sole discretion of Style &
    Image Network.
  9. Vendor shall be liable for any damages done to the premises in the space and for damages caused by vendor or any
    vendor’s representatives, agents, or employees anywhere on the premises.
  10. Vendor shall have vacated the space and the premises no later than 11:00 pm on the day of the event. No furniture,
    materials, equipment or other materials may be left overnight. Vendor acknowledges that anything left in the space or on
    the premises after event may be disposed by Style & Image Network at the request of the event venue, and that any such
    materials will be sole responsibility of vendor and further acknowledges that Style & Image Network is not and will not be
    responsible for any damages or missing items.
  11. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Style & Image Network, (“The organizer”) and the event venue against any
    all liabilities arising from the use of the space or otherwise arising from the conduct of the operations covered by this
    contract. Vendor hereby represents and warrants that vendor has obtained all business licenses and is solely responsible
    for calculating and reporting to the appropriate taxing authorities all taxes arising from the sale of applicable items
  12. Vendor further agrees not to sublease or otherwise share the space or any part thereof, with other persons, including, any
    other participants of Beauty Night Out, without the prior consent of Style & Image Network; or possess any alcohol within
    either the space or anywhere else on the premises.